Our Quality Policy is to have a successful practice by providing a high standard of service that consistently satisfies the needs and expectations of our patients. This level of quality is achieved through careful management in a safe and continually improving environment.

The Practice Principal, is the Clinical Governance Leader and has day-to-day responsibility. Our quality management system is implemented through training and is improved by regular reviews, it ensures that:

  • All Dental care is of a consistent quality
    • During the proposal of treatments, we will always explain everything we are doing and make sure that your personal wishes are accounted for as well as all the options available and the costs involved thus allowing you to make an informed decision.
    • We will do all we can to look after your general health and to treat you safely by asking you about your general health, and about any medications that you may be taking. We will keep all information about you confidential.
    • We screen all our patients for mouth cancer at routine check ups and advise about associated risks. We ask about tobacco and alcohol use because they increase oral cancer risk.
    • We regularly ask patients for their views and opinions on our services. We also have procedures in place to deal promptly with patient complaints and for ensuring that lessons are learnt from any mistakes that we make.
  • Effective measures of infection control are used
    • Contamination control is an essential aspect to the safety of our patients. Every practice member receives training in practice systems for contamination control.
  • All legal requirements relating to health and safety in the workplace are satisfied
    • Practice working methods are reviewed regularly at staff meetings. We encourage all staff to make suggestions for improving the care we give to patients.
    • All staff joining the practice are given training in practice-wide procedures. Once a year, there is an individual review of training needs for everyone in the practice.
    • All members of the practice know of the need to ensure that dentists are working safely. In the unlikely event that a dentist in this practice becomes unfit to practise, we have systems to ensure that concerns are investigated and, if necessary, acted upon.
    • All dentists in the practice partake in continuing professional education and meeting the General Dental Council’s requirements. We aim to keep up-to-date with current thinking on all aspects of general dentistry, including preventative care which reduces your need for treatment.

Our Quality Objectives are:

  • To maintain and improve the level of quality in all aspects of the patient’s journey from the initial contact with the practice
  • To offer specialist treatments to a high standard
  • To provide the most clinically effective treatments to our patients
  • To earn a reputation for providing complete patient satisfaction at all times so as to retain our existing patients and win new patients
  • To improve our internal systems of communication and administration so as to improve our service and increase our efficiency