Introducing iTero® Element™ at York Road

Optimized Invisalign Connectivity

Market-Leading Performance

Invisalign cases that start with an iTero scan have seven times fewer fit issues than those started with traditional impressions. ClinCheck® treatment plans submitted using iTero scans are typically posted 50% faster than for cases using PVS impressions. Not only that, there are 10 times fewer rejections of iTero scans than traditional impressions.

But the outstanding performance by iTero scanners doesn’t stop with initial Invisalign treatment. The iTero Vivera®and Vivera Pre Debond scan workflows allow you to prescribe Vivera retention for Invisalign clear aligner and bracket-and-wire patients.

Great Patient Comfort

iTero scanners also eliminate the mess and unpleasantness associated with traditional impressions. Your Invisalign patients are more likely to share their “gag-free” impression experience with friends, family, and colleagues.

Simulated Treatment Outcomes

Show your patients their potential Invisalign treatment outcomes with the Invisalign Outcome Simulator. This chairside application is powered exclusively by iTero scanners to help patients visualize how their teeth may look at the end of Invisalign treatment. Simulated outcomes make it easy to show your patient the benefits possible with Invisalign treatment and may motivate greater patient acceptance.

  • DUAL-VIEW LAYOUT See patients’ current dentition next to their simulated final positions.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE CONSULTATION Prospective patients can visualize how their teeth may look after Invisalign treatment, which may motivate greater treatment acceptance.
  • REAL-TIME ADJUSTMENTS Intuitive touch-screen tools allow real-time adjustments to the simulated outcome.
  • FLEXIBLE DELIVERY The Invisalign Outcome Simulator can be run chairside on your iTero scanner or in a consult room, using your computer and
  • ADVANCED TREATMENT OPTIONS You can simulate anterior-posterior correction, extraction, and IPR outcomes quickly and easily.

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